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Brynmawr Foundation School

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  • What to Expect on Exam Day

    • The exam timetable has been posted on the BFS website.  Please familiarise yourself with the date and time of your exams.
    • Most of your exams will take place in the boys gym unless you have been advised by your subject teacher that it is being held in your classroom.
    • You are expected to be on time for your exams.  Start times will be 8.50am or 11.50am.
    • A board with a seating plan will be placed in the foyer and in the corridor leading to the boys gym.  Look for your name and make a note of the Letter and Number on the grid, this is where you will be sat during the exam.
    • A label will be on the desk with your name and exam number, this is not to be removed or changed with another label.
    • Posters you will see outside the exam room are: No Mobile Phones or electronic items.  Warning to Candidates and a Fire Evacuation poster.
    • Line up quietly outside the exam room.  When you enter the exam room you must be quiet and give up your mobile phone and watch (any watch).  It is very important that you do this.  If you are found with either item in your possession your paper will be cancelled.  A box will be provided at the front of the room and your items will be safe. This is not a school rule, this is a National Exam Board rule which has to be followed.
    • Make sure you do not have any revision notes on your person
    • There must be no talking or communication with other students during the exam
    • No food is allowed in the exam room.  If you have a dietary requirement let Mrs Phillips (B Floor Office) know before the exam.  You are allowed a drink.  The label must be removed from any bottle that has writing on the side.
    • Please bring with you a black pen, a pencil, a ruler and a rubber, these should be kept in a see through pencil case.

    It is very important to remember to write your name and exam number on the front of the exam paper along with the Centre Number. 68310. 

    Information about your exam will be written on the boards at the front of the room if you are unsure of what to do put your hand up and someone will come to you.