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    The following information will hopefully prove informative and helpful to you and your parents.  Please read it carefully so that you are aware of the examination regulations and procedures.

    If you have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the examinations please contact:

    The examinations officers – Mrs Julia Phillips & Mrs Sarah George

    Examinations SLT -  Miss Jane Griffiths

    Head of Year 11 - Ms J Jones & Head of Year 10  – Ms K Griffiths

    Contact Information

    The school telephone number is 01495 310527

    Examinations Line is 01495 314955


    Before the examination

    • Individual Examination Timetables are distributed once all examination entries have been finalised

      Please check these carefully to ensure all your subjects have been entered and that the tier is correct.

    • Candidates should particularly check that all personal details (date of birth, spelling of names) are accurate as these will appear on certificates and it may be difficult to change them once certificates are awarded.

    • Each candidate has a four-digit candidate number.  This is the number you will enter on examination papers.  It will be given to you before the exams start and will also be printed along with your name on the label on your exam desk.  Please remember it.

    • A copy of the school’s GCSE timetable will be posted on the website before each examination session.

    • Please check that the school has an up-to-date contact number for you.

    • Make sure you have all the correct equipment before your examinations.  Stationary will be on sale in the hall prior to all exams. 

    During the examination


    • A copy of the Notice to Candidates, which is issued jointly by all the Examining Boards, will be distributed with your individual timetable. All candidates must read this carefully and note that failure to adhere to the examination rules or regulations could lead to disqualification from all subjects.  The school has a legal responsibility to report any breach of regulations to the Awarding Body.

    • The majority of exams will be held in the Boys Gym, if there are exceptions you will be informed.  Please check the noticeboard, which is located outside B Floor office, nearer to the exam dates for final details.

    • School transport will run at normal times during the exam period, candidates are responsible for getting to and from school at other times.

    • Correct full school uniform must be worn by all students for exams. 

    • All equipment – pens, pencils, and maths instruments should be brought in a clear pencil case.  Pens should be black ink – no correction pens or tippex are allowed.  Calculators should be brought when needed. Stationary will be on sale in the hall prior to all exams.

    • MOBILE PHONES must not be brought into the examination room.  If a mobile phone is found in your possession during an examination (even if it is turned off) it will be taken from you and a report made to the appropriate exam board.

      No exceptions will be made.

    • Electronic Gadgets must not be brought into the examination room.  iPods/iPads/MP3 players, electronic dictionaries, calculators unless required for the paper being sat. 

    • No watches are to be worn. They have to be taken off and placed on the desk in front of you, all smart watches are to be handed in to the invigilator.

    • Enter the exam room and locate your seating label.  This will be indicated on the seating plan held by the lead Invigilator.  Under no circumstances must labels be moved as these are a necessary protocol from the examinations board.

    •  Do not attempt to talk with or distract other candidates.

    • No food is allowed in exam rooms, if you have any dietary requirements please inform Mrs Phillips before the start of the exam. Water is acceptable in clear plastic bottles with the label removed.

    • Please do not draw or write any inappropriate comments on your exam paper – the exam board may refuse to accept it.

    • Listen carefully to instructions read out by the invigilators – there may be amendments to the exam paper you need to know about.

    • Check you have the correct question paper – check the subject, paper and tier.

    • Read all instructions carefully and number your answers clearly.

    • Candidates must stay in the exam room for at least one hour after the published start time of the exam.  If candidates have finished the paper, they should use the time to check carefully over their answers.  Remember to cross out any rough work.

    • If the fire alarm or Safe and Shelter alarm sounds during an exam the invigilator will tell pupils what to do.  Don’t panic.  If pupils have to leave the room, they will be asked to leave in silence and in the order they are sitting.  Pupils will need to follow all instructions immediately. Pupils who are entitled to exam dispensations such as readers/scribes/word processors will be notified prior to the start of the exams where the exams will be held.  Pupils with 25% extra time; where possible will sit their exams in the boys’ gym. The amount of extra time allowed for each exam will be displayed on the board in the exam room.

    • Exemplary behaviour and attitude will be expected from all. Failure to adhere to school rules may result in serious consequences eg, cancellation of paper


    • The school employs external invigilators to supervise exams.  Students are expected to be respectful to them and follow their instructions at all times.

    • Please note that invigilators cannot discuss the paper or explain the questions.

    • Pupils who are disruptive will be removed from the exam room by members of the Senior Management Team. 

    After the examination

    • At the end of the exam hand in all work, if pupils have used more than one answer book ask the invigilator to fasten them together in the correct order.

    • Invigilators will collect papers before pupils leave the room.  Absolute silence must be maintained – remember pupils are under exam conditions until they have left the room.

    • Pupils must not take question papers or answer books from the exam room.

    • Please leave the room quietly and show consideration for others who may be still working.

    Absence from examination

    • It is essential that all pupils make every effort to attend all their examinations.  Should a pupil fail to attend there may be a charge for the cost of the examination
    • Should there be any problems on the morning of an examination – parents should contact the school directly by 8.15am so that every effort can be made to resolve the issue
    • If you experience difficulties during the exam period (illness, injury or personal problems) please inform Mrs J Phillips, Examinations Officer, at the earliest possible point so that we are able to help or advise you.
    •  In the event of a problem arising during an examination, please advise a member of the invigilation team.
    • Only in exceptional circumstances are candidates allowed special consideration for absence from any part of the exam.  It is essential that medical or other evidence is obtained on the day and given to the examinations officer without delay for application for special consideration to be made.
    • Please note that misreading the timetable will not be accepted as a satisfactory explanation of absence.
    • Candidates are responsible for checking their own timetable and arriving at school at the correct time and date.  Candidates should arrive 15 minutes prior to the starting time

    Results day

    • The date will be published on the school website
    • If you wish any other person to collect your results or wish to have your results posted, you must complete a letter of authorisation and give this to Mrs J Phillips before the end of the exams.
    • Candidates who wish to have their results posted to them should also leave a stamped, addressed envelope with Mrs J Phillips.
    • No results will be given out by telephone.