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Brynmawr Foundation School

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    Children normally transfer from primary to secondary school at the beginning of the school year following their eleventh birthday. Headteachers of primary schools will be able to inform parents of the secondary school which their children can attend. Every effort will be made to accommodate pupils, and a normal application must be made for transfer to secondary schools at the appropriate time. 

    Applications for admission to Brynmawr Foundation School should be made as early as possible. 

    The School’s Admissions Policy can be found here.

    Apply for September 2024


    The school will admit pupils up to the school’s admission limit which is 151 pupils for the intake academic year of September 2023.

    A child will normally be offered admission to the school, unless the school is full in terms of the recognised admission limit, if applicable. 

    Brynmawr Foundation School may request a variation to the admission number of the school due to change in the accommodation available.



    The Home - School Agreement can be found here:

    Home - School Agreement