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    From Monday 16th January 2023, all pupils in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 will be sitting their online National Tests. The test are completed online and will run over a 2 week period during Engilsh, Maths and Science lessons.

    There will be three tests: National Reading Test, National Numeracy (procedural) Test and National Numeracy (Reasoning) Test.

    Please reassure your children that it is nothing to be anxious about, nor do we expect them to prepare/revise at home. Teachers will be provide classes with detailed information on what to expect and access to familiarisation tests before sitting their National Test.

    Reports will be shared with pupils and parents following the Tests via the Hwb website. Parents/carers will be notified when these results are available to be viewed.

    Attached is a learner checklist to discuss with your Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 children. Earphones will be made available, however pupils should bring their own wired headphones if possible.

    Also included is a video from Welsh Government introducing the National Tests and a link to the parent and carer information website.


    learner checklist.pdf




    If you have any questions please contact literacy and numeracy co-ordinators on:

    Literacy: Mr R Edwards

    Numeracy: Ms R Webb