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    Last term notification was sent home about pupils partaking in the Welsh National Test for Numeracy and Reading.

    At Brynmawr, pupils sit these National Tests twice a year to monitor the progress being made by pupils in developing their Literacy and Numeracy Skills. We use the results from these assessments to evaluate our provision and plan opportunities for all pupils to build a skills toolkit which will help them succeed in life.

    We are sharing these interactive personalised reports and encourage parents, carers and even older siblings to sit down and go through the skills together using the resources linked to each skill requiring improvement. This feedback is a snapshot of your child’s skills at the time each assessment was taken.

    Please see the documents linked below for a guidance document on the National Tests:

     National Test Feedback Guidance for Parents & Carers

    National Test Information for Parents & Carers

    Accessing the Reports

    To access these reports, your child must log into their Hwb accounts and navigate to the 'personalised assessment' icon (see picture below) where they will be able to view their interactive reports.