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Brynmawr Foundation School

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  • Pre Public Examinations (PPE) Feb 2024 (Year 10 & Year 11)


    Year 10 and Year 11 learners will be sitting GCSE examinations during Summer 2024. In preparation for these exams PPE examinations will take place starting on Friday 2nd February 2024. PPEs are more formal than mock examinations and all examination material is embargoed until the examination start time.

    This will allow learners to gain valuable experience sitting examinations under formal conditions and will also inform us about how learners are progressing in each of their subjects.

    Exam performance will then support teachers in planning the final few months in the run up to the Summer 2024 examination season. The data gathered also allows teaching staff to be rigorously accurate in submitting predicted grades, which learners will need when completing applications to post-16 education centres.

    Please see below a copy of the PPE Examination timetable (please note - learners will only sit examinations in their relevant subjects).