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Brynmawr Foundation School

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  • Skills Challenge Certificate

    The Skills Challenge Certificate is unique to Wales and aims to develop and assess the integral and cross curricular skills:

    • Creativity and innovation
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Planning and organisation
    • Personal effectiveness
    • Digital literacy
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy

    The focus of the Skills Challenge Certificate is on the essential and employability skills young people need in their future lives. These skills are developed and assessed through two challenges (Global Citizenship Challenge and Enterprise and Employability Challenge), and an Individual Project. It is designed to include learning and assessment that will enthuse, engage and motivate learners in the classroom, the workplace and the wider community. Pupils are required to reflect on how the application of their skills may impact on individuals, employers, society and the environment.


    Individual components are graded:

    KS4 National / Foundation P1 - Level 1 Pass P2 - Level 2 Pass M2 - Level 2 Merit D2 = Level 2 Distinction

    At the end of the course, pupils are awarded a Foundation or National grade:

    National Foundation
    A* A B C Pass* Pass