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Brynmawr Foundation School

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    Welcome to Science!

    The Science Department at Brynmawr Foundation School boasts continual success at each Key Stage and prides itself on the positive environment it promotes within the school. As a department, we are continually moving with the times to ensure we provide an exciting and relevant curriculum to stimulate and engage at all key stages. Our philosophy is quite simple, to promote endeavour and aim for success!

    Our current results support the positive and challenging ethos we aspire to achieve:

    At KS4, 90% of the learners attained A*-C with 100% securing a grade of A*-G.

    At KS3 the percentage of learners that achieved a Level 5 or above was 94% with 59% of the learners securing a Level 6 or above!

    The department consists of dedicated and hardworking professionals with a passion for the Sciences.