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Brynmawr Foundation School

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    Our aim within the Mathematics Faculty is to give pupils the knowledge, understanding and skills that they will need to have confidence when using Mathematics and to gain the qualifications that they will need to follow the career of their choice. To support those who find Mathematics difficult and to extend those who may go on to study Mathematics at A Level.


    KS3 are taught in mixed attainment groups so that every pupil has the opportunity to access the whole curriculum and meet their full potential?

    At KS3, pupils are taught in mixed attainment groups, giving every pupil the opportunity to access the whole curriculum and reach their full potential. Pupils study a rounded course in maths that develops their number skills, mental maths and problem solving. Numeracy and the application of maths to real-life situations is a big focus. Our priority is to build on the foundations of the skills that pupils will need in their futures.

    Pupils start preparation for GCSE Maths in Y9; giving them as much time as possible to develop the skills they will need to be successful.


    Mathematics is taught to all pupils in years 10 and 11. Pupils have already started work towards their Maths GCSE in Year 9 and will sit their exams during Year 11.

    All pupils have the opportunity to achieve two Mathematics GCSE Qualifications – GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics – Numeracy.

    GCSE Mathematics will build on and progress from the levels of Mathematics expected at the end of Key Stage 3 through the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Mathematics. GCSE Mathematics will extend to aspects of Mathematics needed for progression to scientific, technical or further mathematical study.

    GCSE Mathematics – Numeracy will assess the Mathematics that learners will need in their everyday lives, in the world of work, and in other general curriculum areas.

    We offer focused interventions with small groups during the school day for those pupils who just need a bit of a boost with their Maths.

    There are three tiers of entry for both GCSE Mathematics Qualifications.

    • Higher Tier (Grades A* - C)
    • Intermediate Tier (Grades B - E)
    • Foundation Tier (Grades D - G)

    * Learners can sit the different qualifications at different tiers.