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Brynmawr Foundation School

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  • History & Sociology

    YEAR 7

    What is History?/History Skills/Interpretations/The Middle Ages/Medieval Britain

    YEAR 8

    The Tudors/The Stuarts/The Industrial Age/Victorian Britain/The Atlantic Slave Trade

    YEAR 9

    The 20th Century/The Titanic Disaster/World War One/The Rise of the Nazis/World War Two/The Civil Rights Movement in the USA


    Germany 1919 - 1947, South Africa 1948 - 1994, The USA 1930 - 2000


    100% examination based- Socialisation, Gender Socialisation and Culture,

    Inequality and Discrimination: racism, sexism, ageism etc, the Sociology of Education including public schools, disruptive pupils, rules and sanctions, gender roles in schools, the Sociology of the Family, including divorce and remarriage, domestic violence, the future of the family, alternatives to the family, and the Sociology of Crime and Deviance, including hate crime, crime figures/facts, is Britain safe, the role of police, courts, prisons, why are some people criminal and deviant and who is the typical criminal.