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Brynmawr Foundation School

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  • Geography

    We follow the WJEC’s GCSE Geography Syllabus A specification. Pupils will sit two exams (80%) and also complete one non-examination coursework assessment (20%).

    Areas of study include managing rivers, earthquakes and volcanoes, and major world cities. You will also study different climates and weather patterns and the gap between rich and poor countries around the globe. Industrial decline in South Wales is also explored, allowing pupils a greater understanding of the socio-economic problems encountered in our local area.

    Two fieldwork visits are a requirement of the course, and are undertaken in a rural area such as the Brecon Beacons and an Urban area such as Cardiff Bay. These provide a chance for our young geographers to experience a different style of learning while away from the classroom.

    Geography is one of the most popular subjects at Brynmawr School and across Wales.  Our results are consistently amongst the highest of all option subjects and the subject itself is valued by employers, colleges and universities.  Topics also studied include climate change, overseas aid, International trade and refugees seeking asylum, which are constantly in the news and on social media.