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Brynmawr Foundation School

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  • Equality & Diversity

    This is a knowledge-based QCF qualification. It covers enhanced early-stage learning and concepts relating to equality and diversity, particularly relating to society, the workplace, and the community.

    It allows learners to:

    • Raise their awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity
    • Apply this awareness through their actions in society, community and the workplace.

    It aims to:

    • Introduce the concepts of equality and diversity in a variety of environments including society, the community and the workplace.
    • Highlight how stereotyping and labelling affect individuals.
    • Outline the effects of prejudice and discrimination.
    • Allow the learner to examine rights and responsibilities.
    • Stress the importance of taking individual responsibility and action to help and support others.

    There are three units:

    1. Equality and Diversity in Society. This covers the issue of prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.
    2. Equality and Diversity in the Community. It looks at diversity in the community and BFS look at it from the point of view of Blaenau Gwent.
    3. Equality and Diversity in the Workplace. This covers diversity and equality within the workplace.

    Pupils will achieve the Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Work is completed in booklets which acts as their portfolio of evidence, it is internally assessed and externally moderated.


    Pupils are graded Pass or Fail, a Pass is equivalent to two GCSEs at grade B.